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Core Services

On-site Services


VEUSOFT has the capacity and resources to deploy our experts at the client location for campus-wide support ranging from workstations, servers to entire network infrastructure support. Our on-site support model could be categorized as follows:

Full time / Part time Onsite services

Veusoft is able to able to address most of the client IT support needs through remote and non intrusive access. However there might always be a requirement for some of the organization to have an IT Staff onsite for numerous reasons. Some of the reasons include:

  • Rapid response time for support.
  • Complex IT tasks that may be better executed from onsite.
  • Need to participate in technology related meetings and discussions.
  • Datacenter and Infrastructure related tasks.
  • Need for some of the staff that might be better served when onsite.

Scheduled On-site services

This is an efficient and very cost effective support model for clients that may not have day-to-day urgent needs for IT support, but rather able to compile and consolidate all of their IT requests for the onsite engineer to resolve during the scheduled visit. This doesn’t have a follow a fixed schedule. As long as the client could schedule ahead of time, they could request the dates or specific days during the month based on the Business needs.

Emergency On-site services

This is a service that requires an onsite presence during a mission critical scenario. We provide one of the most responsive on-site services in this industry. An onsite technician could be dispatched within a few hours of the service call or the following business day.

At Veusoft, all our onsite engineers are certified and highly skilled with the utmost exhibition of professionalism when rendering services onsite. Our engineers on-site always work in tandem with a team of experts on our back end that are well trained and equally acquainted with the client IT infrastructure and business needs. All our onsite engineers report directly to the CIO and the assigned IT manager for the client account.