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Implementation Services

Business Intelligence


Veusoft transforms your data into insights you can use to propel your business forward. Because we do it all: data strategy and planning, architecture, data warehouse implementation and maintenance; you work with one provider who gets to know your business and your data. Our knowledge and decades of experience in the entire data lifecycle goes into designing your well thought out business intelligence infrastructure maximizing the value of your data, leveraging existing assets and minimizing issues and additional costs down the road. We build your data warehouse with a data science and analytics perspective, so it’s flexible should you decide later to add these more complex capabilities.

  • Project Management and Requirements
  • Development Support
  • Support Services
  • Application Migration
  • Information Delivery and Visualization


Our certified project managers are senior data and analytics practitioners who work with you to first identify requirements and dependencies. Then we oversee your project start to finish, managing milestones and deliverables to insure that your mission-critical project is completed on time and on budget.

We’ll help you articulate project requirements and determine success factors, then implement appropriate metrics and KPIs.

Traditional methods of reporting and dashboard development demand considerable time to define user requirements, build the tool, and put a useful product into users’ hands. Too often, the resulting product does not meet those user requirements, or the requirements have changed by the time the product is fully developed.


BI development services include but not limited to analysis, data integration, reporting and analytic applications. We design, develop and implement Business Intelligence and Data Warehouse services based on requirements for current and future client objectives and strategy


We approach BI as an ongoing commitment for our customers, offering high-quality BI services that lead to better decision-making capabilities. Our support services seamlessly integrate with existing IT support frameworks, and can be scaled to meet any client requirement.


As a business grows, BI migration is often required to address the changing landscape of the business. Whether the client is consolidating multiple BI platforms to one platform or migrating to stay in line with new technology and industry trends, Veusoft has the answers.

Veusoft core team has cross-platform knowledge and will implement best practices with accurate estimates for each specific migration. Our experience in this area helps clients reduce risk and save money and time

  • Conduct a detailed review of the current BI environment.
  • Identify gaps between the current state and design to fit requirements in a future tool.
  • Build a migration plan with detailed processes and migration procedures.
  • Evaluate the future state for usage, stability, scalability and performance.
  • Prepare a test strategy for complete UAT and regression testing.
  • Build a customized training program to transition the users to the new environment.


Not every user has the time or expertise to sift through data to find answers. Others are visual thinkers for whom spreadsheets offer limited value. We transform numbers and percentages into visual depictions of important information that help business users manipulate dashboards, view information in context and identify data relationships and trends.