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Thin Client Computing


Thin Client computing is the use of powerful datacenter focused strategy accessed by simpler, more energy efficient desktop or mobile appliances, instead of a traditional PC.

Thin Client equipment is a simple lightweight hardware with no OS or any software installed, but when turned on does load like a full blown computer, also most commonly known as the Virtual desktop technology.

Hardware benefits

  • Most affordable solution with initial cost investment.
  • Initial Deployment is pretty simple
  • Plug and play
  • NO need for any hardware maintenance, hardware upgrade
  • Break-fix simply involves swapping the unit
  • Life span of more than 5 yrs

Software Benefits

  • No individual software configuration
  • No OS management for critical patches
  • Centralized File management
  • Data Security
  • No OS crash problems
  • Centralized Virus scanning, Spyware protection management
  • NO Full time IT staff needs
  • Centralized control / Easy Manageability / Overall Cost effective

Other Benefits

  • Energy cost saving- Will reduce energy consumption by 70 to 90%
  • Dramatically improves security and manageability
  • Most effective GREEN technology
  • HIPAA and Sarbas - Oxley Compliant
  • Hot Desking feature