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Virtual Desktop Infrastructure


Desktop Virtualization or VDI (Virtual Desktop Infrastructure) allows the deployment of a virtual desktop environment from a centralized server location. Unlike the Terminal server model where multiple users share one instance of the same application or operating system, VDI allows to deploy an entire operating system and set of applications within a virtual machine that is accessible only to that assigned user. Key benefits include:

  • Allows Remote access to your desktop from anywhere, from any device, whether inside or outside of the office.
  • These solutions deliver personalized, consistent, and secure experiences for users, while also improving compliance through centralized control and access to confidential data.
  • Desktop Virtualization helps to simplify management by unifying IT operations onto a single infrastructure across physical hardware.
  • Migration and upgrade to new operating system and applications carried out with the minimal downtime possible.

At Veusoft, we recommend the most optimal desktop solution for our clients that best serves their business needs. Clients could choose from any of the popular server-side virtual desktop models, including VDI and Thin Clients as well as server-based computing models as detailed below.